Sunday, 27 October 2013


Allegiant by Veronica Roth

So, this week I read the highly-anticipated final instalment in Veronica Roth's Divergent series. Now, I wasn't planning to review it on the blog because I'm sure people are either interested in the book and have therefore either read it or are avoiding spoilers, or not remotely interested and unlikely to read this. But then I found I had a few things to say about it, so this will be a brief review. Also, one of the points is spoiler-y (I haven't actually given away the ending, but if I'd read what I've written before reading the book, I'd be pissed) so I've coloured it white to be hidden against the background. Just highlight it with your cursor if you want to read it.

So, without further rambling...

1. Is it just me or did the journal entries feel a lot like filler?

2. Is it just me or is Four a lot less hotter now that he's called Tobias?

3. Is it just me or do Tris and Four's sections sound exactly the same?

4. Is it just me or was it really obvious what was going to happen from the moment a second narrator was introduced? I mean, I guessed the outcome months ago, when I heard that parts of the story were going to be told from Four's perspective. It was an interesting move, but I was expecting all along, so it didn't have much impact on me.

5. Is it just me or should the epilogue just have been cut?

6. Is it just me or was it actually just kind of boring?

Bonus - Was anyone else super annoyed about it only being released in hardback when the first two were only released in paperback, or was that just me?

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