Saturday, 1 June 2013

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

You will never guess where I went the day before yesterday. Unless you follow me on Twitter and saw me getting a wee bit over-excited about it. Seriously, any fan of Harry Potter who is on the fence about going to the studio tour, you need to book it now because it is amazing. I thought it was actually going to turn out to be pretty lame, that I was getting excited for no reason, and I was utterly, utterly wrong. It was brilliant and I can't wait to go back. So, book it, and I don't really have much more to say (except make sure you charge your camera before you go - mine ran out halfway round the first section of the tour and I had to rely on my partner-in-crime to take photographs of everything. I mean, technically her camera is better than mine so it wasn't a terrible thing, but whatever. Also, money for the amazing gift shop. You will probably want to buy everything and it's not exactly cheap). So photos.

 (All right, so I haven't fully mastered the photo formatting on Blogger yet - seriously, why is it so bad? - but you get the idea. The studio tour was brilliant.)

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