Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I learnt five things while watching this film.

1 - The secret service are pretty useless overall.

2 - Taking control of the White House is actually not that hard.

3 - Wearing a pair of glasses will completely befuddle the facial recognition software used by the Americans.

4 - You look a lot more terrorist-y if you take those glasses off. It's a tough decision to make, do you want to go unnoticed or look scary?

5 - He may be awesome, but you shouldn't always listen to Morgan Freeman. I'm sorry to shatter that illusion for you, but he can be wrong.

Now, I know that list makes it sound like I thought this film was pretty lame, but, actually, I thought it was really good. It's a great action movie. Honestly, it's very impressive. Before seeing it, I'd heard it described as "Die Hard in the White House." I had my doubts. I love the Die Hard movies and I seriously doubted this would stand up beside them. The fifth one excluded, obviously.

But I was pleasantly surprised. I very much enjoyed this film. I mean, sure, the CGI is pretty bad and if you think about the plot for more than thirty seconds it all falls apart in your hands, but so what? It's entertaining, it's gripping, and there was a point in the film when I realised I honestly wasn't sure how it was going to end up. It wasn't a very long point, but it was there, and that's what's important. The acting is solid and the casting very good, the story wasn't hard to follow though if you stepped out to use the toilets then you might well miss something important, and it has the comedic moments that real drama needs.

Overall, it's a really good film and I'm quite looking forward the Channing Tatum version when that comes out (I kid you not, there is a basically identical movie due out soon entitled White House Down) though I don't really see how they could improve on this one. The only thing I feel I have to point out is why is Morgan Freeman at the centre of the poster? Seriously, of the three actors on it, he is the last one you'd put in the middle. No offence to Mr Freeman, obviously.

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