Friday, 22 February 2013

Then and Now

So, as of last night, I'm officially re-reading J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. As opposed to somebody else's Harry Potter series. Since I've read them before, and so as the rest of the world, I probably won't be posting actual reviews, so expect book reviews to be pretty much non-existent for a while. The thing is, I haven't read these books in at least five years and I'm worried I won't enjoy them as much, that I'll spot little things I didn't notice before and which will really bug me (such as the fact that Hermione tore a page out of a library book in Chamber of Secrets, which is so out of character it's ridiculous, and the fact that Rowling jumps from one POV to another during Quidditch matches - thanks to my friend Emily for pointing out that one). So I might post my thoughts here from time to time. Really, I am worried I won't enjoy them like I used to. Since studying Creative Writing, I've found it harder to switch off the analytical side of my brain and just get sucked into a story - be it in a book, a film or on the TV.

So, to kick off the next few weeks (or months) of complete Harry Potter immersion (I wrote this last night, before I actually started reading), I thought I'd take a look at the shiny new cover that has been designed to commemorate it being fifteen years since the first book was published.

Now, I don't really like this cover. It's kind of soulless. There's something about the colours and the font that just looks clinical to me. And I object to the font used for the film adaptations being put on the book, it's just too close to a movie tie-in cover for my liking, and I hate those. Seriously, they're straight from hell. But I have to admit something. For years, I refused to read the first two Potter books because one had a picture of a boy and train on the cover, and the other had a boy and a car. I'm not a transport enthusiast and I point-blank refused to read the books, despite my mum's nagging. (I still read them before 95% of other people did, but that's not the point). With this cover, I would have been far more receptive to the idea of reading the books, and I would have enjoyed the world for that much longer. So no, I don't really like this cover, but, in a way, I do think it's better than the originals. Just look at it. It screams magic and hints at dark things going on. The original? Well, it just looks like a boy standing by a train.

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