Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I was so worried about seeing this film. I was really looking forward to it - bear with me, those two comments together don't make me a crazy person - and usually when I'm looking forward to a film, I end up disappointed by it. This one did not disappoint.

Pat (Bradley Cooper) is back home living with his parents after spending eight months in a psychiatric institution. He's got a plan to get his life back together and win back his wife, Nikki. Except he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) and his plan is a little derailed.

It's a lovely film. I hate lovely films, I know, and my friend called this one "heartwarming." And yet, I loved it. I really did. It's funny and moving and at no point did it become preachy. Both characters are suffering from mental illness - Cooper's character has bi-polar disorder and Lawrence's is depressed - but the film isn't about that, it's about the people and their lives and just trying to get through life with a positive attitude.

I was impressed by Bradley Cooper, who, honestly, I've always really considered to be just a pretty face. I don't think I've ever seen him in a film where he was required to actually do any real acting, but he was very good here. I cared about the character and where he would end up. I hate to say it, but I was rooting for him. I only ever root for villains. Jennifer Lawrence was good, too, though she did cause a little debate between my friend and I - I think she's just a bit jealous because Lawrence is the same age - as were the rest of the cast.

Overall, it's a wonderful film. Like I said before, it's both funny and moving and I really cared about the characters. I almost cried at one point. I didn't realise it was based on a book until a few days ago, and I suspect that the film is very different, but I can see why it's already generating awards buzz. Of course, it won't win because the films I love never win (The King's Speech beat Black Swan, and The Artist beat The Help) but you should definitely try to see this film. You won't regret it.

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  1. One of my favorite movies of the year because of its heartfelt material, that never stopped making me laugh and have a big smile on my face. Great review Lesley.