Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Last night I saw the musical American Idiot, based on the songs of Green Day, at the Mayflower in Southampton. And it was brilliant. Really, really good. I mean, sure, it could have done with a little more story in between the songs, but overall it was great.

Seriously, cheesy boy-band dance moves set to Green Day? Awesome.

The cast were all really good (I thought it was the same cast from the Broadway run, but after reading the rubbish programme (not worth the £10 they're charging for it) I'm not entirely sure) but St. Jimmy stole the show.

The show is touring the UK for the next couple of months (I'm going to the closing night in Hammersmith on the 16th December) and you should definitely try and see it if you can. Obviously, you'll probably enjoy it more if you're a Green Day fan, but I'm not sure that's necessary to enjoy the show.

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