Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Last night, I finally went to see The Amazing Spider-Man, the ridiculous reboot of Sam Raimi's films. I was against this film in principle, because I appear to be one of the few people who actually liked the other films and couldn't see the point of rebooting the franchise so soon. Also, I can't stand Andrew Garfield. Despite this, I knew I was going to go and see it, even if just to say "I knew it was stupid to reboot the franchise."

And I stand by that. I think this new film might actually be better than the ones starring Tobey Maguire (I can't stand him either, by the way, so the actors don't come into it. Although I am a little bit in love with Emma Stone, but let's face it, who isn't?) but the fact that it has come out so shortly after them, (the first in the trilogy was released in 2002 and the last part in 2007), was quite a major issue for me.

There's a section of this new film which bored me. Actually bored me. It got off to a great start, it was different enough to be interesting. All the science-y stuff that went a bit over my head was different and interesting. Some nonsense about cross-species...something. It was great. And then Peter Parker became Spiderman and, as I was sitting in the cinema, I realised that I'd already seen it. There's a good twenty minutes which are pretty much a carbon copy of the first Raimi film as I remember it. Sure, it's been a good few years since I watched the film and I could be mistaken/exaggerating, but still, I was bored. I'd seen it before.

It picked up again after a while, like I said it was really only about twenty minutes in the middle that bothered me, but it was enough to taint what was otherwise a very good film. Sure, it won't win any Oscars, but it was enteraining, and that's what a film should be. I hate to say it, but I think I might have enjoyed this more than The Dark Knight Rises (which I haven't reviewed because I didn't really enjoy it but for specific reasons that probably aren't worth writing about). I'm sure thousands of people would happily step up and tell me I'm wrong, but this was a good film. And I enjoyed it. Mostly.

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