Saturday, 25 August 2012


The Abbey by Chris Culver

This book was a bit of a departure for me. I don't often read crime novels, or anything that's in any way based in the real world. Something with vampires or demons or aliens is much more my speed. Fortunately, this one turned out to be about vampires. There's no mention of them on the cover, I had no idea that it featured vampires, and yet I was inexplicably drawn to it. I think we've discovered my superpower.

So, yeah, a girl turns up dead and it's ruled a suicide, except her uncle, who just happens to be a detective, is convinced something more is going on. You'll never guess what, he turns out to be right and she was murdered.

It's okay, I guess. The writing's a bit juvenile, but I managed to ignore that, which suggests that the story was good enough to distract me. The main character is a muslim, and though characters having a religion isn't a problem for me, Culver felt the need to beat us over the head with this fact every couple of pages. He also has a drinking problem, and it was important for Culver to remind me every time the detective had a drink that muslims aren't allowed to drink. After the first couple of mentions, this started to get really irritating.

My other major problem with this book was that it made some huge assumptions regarding the plot (there's an incident involving a stuffed lion toy which obviously means that the bad guys have been in his house and haven't simply seen his daughter carrying this toy outside the house) which I found to just be lazy. I'm planning to do a whole blog entry about this topic soon, so I won't say anymore here, but it's just something to be aware of.

I don't know if I would recommend this book. I didn't really enjoy it, but I didn't hate it either. I think because I don't normally read the genre, I'm not the right person to judge this book. I'm going to make my mother read it (since she reads crime novels almost exclusively) and I'll get back to you with a decision.

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