Saturday, 21 July 2012


So, this week I went to see an advanced screening of Ted, Seth McFarlane's first feature film (I believe it's released on the 1st of August)

John (Mark Wahlberg) had no friends as a kid, and wished his teddy bear would come to life. It did, and 27 years later, Ted is making his relationship with Mila Kunis very difficult.

It's quite a simple premise, but it makes for a strange film. I think perhaps there simply wasn't enough story to fill an hour and a half, it feels like a long episode of Family Guy rather than a proper film. It's difficult to care about any of the characters or become invested in the story, which to me is actually very important, even in a straight-up comedy film.

Because it is funny. It has some incredibly funny moments, a few of which are related to McFarlane's previous work, so it wouldn't be a film I recommend to those who aren't fans of Family Guy or American Dad (I'm excluding The Cleveland Show because I can't believe anyone likes that, let alone claims to be a fan of it). I did laugh at it quite a lot, not as much as the two guys on either side of me, both of whom seemed to think it was completely hysterical, but it was funny.

I just feel that the story isn't good enough. There were some excellent performances, most notably from Giovanni Ribisi (who I didn't even realise was in it) as well as some great cameos. So, I guess, if you're a McFarlane fan...well, you're probably going to go and see this anyway. If you don't like Family Guy, I'd give it a miss. And if you're somewhere in-between, it'll be on the TV eventually, I'm sure.

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