Thursday, 14 June 2012


Well, it's here. The long-awaited Prometheus. Now, I'll admit up front that I've never seen any of the Alien films, but the film still made sense. Well, mostly. So for anyone worried that they won't get it if they haven't seen the others, you'll be fine.

As long as you don't mind plot holes. Don't get me wrong, it's very pretty. Visually stunning. But I thought the story was pretty weak. The whole thing feels like it's setting up - if the first hour and a half had been condensed into thirty minutes, it would have been fine. As it is, it builds up and up and up, and then there's no real pay-off. The ending is very poor.

It's also really hard to care about any of the characters. Maybe it's because of the type of film it is, if you expect basically everyone to end up dead then you don't bother to make any sort of attachment to them. In fact, the longest-surviving character was the one I liked the least. And he/she should not have survived. He/she ran out of oxygen and so had to go into the ship thing and did not refil his/her oxygen tank and therefore should have died when he/she went back outside.

I have to admit, though, Michael Fassbender was very good. And it was nice to see Trey from The O.C in a film.

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