Thursday, 14 June 2012


Insurgent by Veronica Roth is the sequel to Divergent. You really do need to read that one first. I've read it and had no idea what was happening in the first chapter or so (I was genuinely wondering who the hell Will was). So, go read that first. My review of it is here: http://liesandothernonsense.blogspot (You'll need to take out the space, Blogger has stupid formatting stuff).

This book isn't as good as the first one. I'm starting to think that should be the motto for this blog. It's still good, up until the end, but Divergent was better. The relationship between Tris and Four has changed, and I'm not sure I like the new dynamic. If they're not arguing, they're making goo-goo eyes at each other. It has none of the tension from the last book, even though pretty much no time has passed between the end of Divergent and the beginning of Insurgent.

Also, I think it was very obvious what was going to happen at the end. There's a piece of information that could destroy all the factions, and a war is basically fought between the people who think everyone should know about it and those who want to conceal it forever. And this information is super-secret, it's this huge mystery and nobody knows what it is. Except for me. It was so obvious. If you're going to have a mystery, don't make it so I can guess what it is the first time it's brought up.

And I still don't like the name Beatrice. Or Tobias.

Here's hoping the next instalment is closer to the first than to this one.

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