Wednesday, 23 May 2012


A while back, I read a book called Switched by Amanda Hocking. I did not particularly like it. Then I read the sequel, Torn, because I like to pretend I am edgy and out there. Yes, buying the sequels of books I didn't like makes me edgy and out there.

Well, it's better than the first one. 

I'd originally decided not to bother with the second instalment, after being so thoroughly unimpressed by the first, but then I found out that it was about Stockholm Syndrome and falling in love with your enemies, yada yada yada. And I'm a sucker for that stuff. I don't know why, but I'm fascinated by Stockholm Syndrome, so I had to read this one.

Except...there really isn't anything like that in this book. Okay, so after a while she makes goo-goo eyes at the 'bad' guy (and I put that in inverted commas because he is so clearly not a bad guy and that's clear within, like, a page of him entering the story) and there's a kiss that takes place at a really strange moment, but that's it. He doesn't even kidnap the girl like I was led to believe, not really. She's in the dungeon at the proper bad guy's house for like an hour before the clearly-not-a-bad-guy helps her escape. And then it's back to the exact same crap I didn't like about the first book. And then the clearly-not-a-bad-guy gets locked up and she starts to fancy him. It's like reverse Stockholm Syndrome. Sort of. I can't find an eloquent way to put it because it's all really stupid. There's not really another word for it.

That being said, I am almost definitely going to by the third book in the trilogy now, because I've invested this much time into reading the first two and I do kind of want to know who the main character (I refuse to call her by her name, see my review of Switched for more details on that) ends up with. I hate myself for it, but I do need to know and simply looking it up on Wikipedia isn't going to be enough. So, here's hoping she doesn't write a fourth book.

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