Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Last night I watched The Next Three Days. Basically, Russell Crowe's wife gets arrested for murder, and after her appeal fails, he decides to break her out of jail. As you do.

It's actually quite good. My initial feeling was that it was much longer than it needed to be, but I've put that down to the fact that I had a splitting headache and felt quite sick at the time. I think maybe the problem was that I was expecting it to be a full-on action movie focusing almost entirely on the titular three days, and it's not. It's much cleverer than your standard action film, and spends a lot of time with Crowe preparing for those three days. I just didn't expect that, but I feel it was crucial to the film. It would have been hollow without it.

Elizabeth Banks seems a bit underused as Crowe's imprisoned wife, she seems more of a plot point than an actual character, and the blink-and-you'd-miss-it appearance made by Liam Neeson was a bit of a shock. I remember seeing him in the trailers when the film was first released, and expected him to be in the film for more than the thirty seconds that he is. I kept waiting for him to show up again, but he never did. Olivia Wilde makes a couple of appearances as well, and I expected her character to play a bigger role, but really Crowe has to carry the entire film by himself. I was quite impressed by him, but then I am possibly the last person left who hasn't seen Gladiator

I'd definitely recommend this film because it's different. It's an action movie with a bit more depth than is usual, but there's some comedy in there, too. I really was quite impressed.

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