Friday, 30 March 2012

31 by Calum Kerr

Some of you might have seen my blog post about love triangles and be wondering where it's gone. I wrote it late at night and the next morning realised how ramble-y and nonsensical it was. So I've deleted it. I'll rewrite it when I actually have something worth saying. It might take a while.

But the reason I logged on today was to tell you about a great offer. 31, a book of flashfictions by Calum Kerr, is available to download for free tomorrow (31st March) from Amazon. You really should check it out. There's a Facebook event where you can find out more details, here be the link -

31 was Calum's challenge to himself to write a flashfiction every day for a month. Now he's attempting to write a flashfiction every day for a whole year. You can find out more about that project at the dedicated blog -

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