Monday, 12 September 2011


Today I have a few announcements that you may or may not be interested in, but you'll never know until you read them:

1 - I am completely useless and should have updated this blog as these things happened.

2 - I'm living in Winchester again (yay, I think) but my internet is shit. I'm starting to think it may be my laptop, since I'm having the same problem here as I was at home, so if anyone wants to buy me a new laptop my birthday's coming up. The reason I'm announcing this here is so that I have an excuse I can refer people to when they ask why I'm updating. Dodgy internet connection, perfect.

3 - I completely forgot to announce that the first ever issue of MISSPELLED MAGAZINE went live like eleven days ago (told you I was useless). You can find it on the current issue page of this website: and just need to download the PDF file to read it. Please read it, send it to everyone you know and then leave feedback for the editors or contributors either on the current issue page or buy emailing us at We'll make sure your feedback gets to the right people, all writers love to hear how wonderful they are, and some of them can even handle constructive criticism.

4 - In terms of the reviews that basically make up this blog, I do have more in the pipeline. I've been reading boring books for class all summer that I don't really want to write about because I have nothing to say (I made a special exception for "Wolf Hall") but I saw "Cowboys and Aliens" last week and have been meaning to review it. Expect it to be a rubbish review, since I've basically forgotten what happened.

5 - The basketball season has started again! Well, kind of. I went to a friendly match on bank holiday Monday and the first proper game is on Saturday. Actually cannot wait, but might not be able to go. This is the main reason I hate living in Winchester. Sigh. Expect me to be grumpy on weekends for the forseeable future as I check my phone constantly for score updates.

6 - Jumping back to upcoming blogs (I don't know why I've done this silly post instead of reviewing "Cowboys and Aliens" like most normal people would have done) I've been thinking about topics to write about concerning writing (since that was kind of the point of this blog) and some topics I plan to cover sometime before I expire include: dialogue, writing habits, chapter lengths, naming characters and coming up with titles, being a writer and overthinking things. All, some or none of these will be coming to a blog near you soon. Ish.

7 - I thought I'd mention the Reading Festival of Crime Writing, which I believe is taking place in November this year. The creative people amongst you might be interested to know that there is a short story writing competition, the details of which you can find here: You might even be competing against my entry, should I ever get around to writing it. I was doing so well with the planning, then I reread the page above - he instead of she! So frustrating!

8 - This is not actually an announcement, just a question. Can you be allergic to lavender?

9 - I don't really have anything to say, but 8 announcements is just stupid. I must get to ten.

10 - Oh, I have one. Tomorrow (the 13th) the agent who finally accepted the Harry Potter books but told J.K. Rowling not to give up the day job is speaking somewhere on campus at 7.30pm. I believe it's in the Main Building, room 5, but it's definitely worth checking out.

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