Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Okay, so after weeks of saying that I would not go and see this film purely because they offended me by casting James McAvoy in one of the lead roles, I finally went to see "X-Men: First Class."

And, I have to say, I'm glad I did.

It's brilliant. I really, really enjoyed it. Sure, it's a little bit long, there are a few sections where I'd have trimmed it, but there was nothing majorly wrong with it. Actually, yes, there is one thing majorly wrong with it, and it is this thing that keeps it from being the best of the series. The first four films feature rather a lot of the wonderful Hugh Jackman, and that is this instalment's only downside. Plus, it has James McAvoy in it, an unforgiveable casting decision (I won't go into it, it's a long story and I'm not sure I could explain it in a way that anybody would understand) but he didn't ruin the film. That's the best I can say for him.

So, this story goes back to the beginning of the X-Men. It's worth noting that originally it was supposed to be an "X-Men: Origins" film, featuring Magneto almost exclusively. I think this is a much better idea. Don't get me wrong, Magneto/Erik was excellent (where has Michael Fassbender been hiding?) but I don't think they could have built an entire film around his background. And if they did, I can't help thinking that it would be incredibly traumatic.

Speaking of which, I wasn't overly impressed with Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw. He started off brilliantly, perfectly sinister, but when he switched from speaking German to speaking English, he lost a lot of his menace, I think. At times, he was a bit of a camp villain, and didn't exude the same darkness as Michael Fassbender, which is a bit of a shame, considering he was supposed to be the big bad guy. I did see on IMDB, however, that they had also considered Colin Firth for the role, and I just can't even picture that. (For future reference, I can't stand Colin Firth, either.)

The film is epic in scale and impressive to watch, and it really is difficult for me to find anything bad to say about it. Those of you that know me will appreciate how rare that is for me, I seem to be able to find fault everywhere, but I really did enjoy this film. I was a little disappointed, though, that there was nothing after the credits.


  1. I completely agree with almost everything you've written here. The film was EPIC. Michael Fassbender ... Ohmigod, wow. Where he came from, I don't know, but it suddenly seems like he's everywhere. This is a very very good thing, considering the fact that he's a tiny bit gorgeous. And also, I think he's a marvellous actor. (Am I allowed to say that, having only seen him in one performance?? Who knows ...)
    Anyway. My only real blindingly issue I have with you is your opinion on James McAvoy. The man is DELICIOUS and, again, I think he's a truly great actor. (I know I can say this; I have seen him in several films.) I would have seen this film even if McAvoy hadn't been cast, but I thought his portrayal of Xavier was fantastic. The right amount of intelligence and cockiness. GREAT.
    I completely agree with what you said about Kevin Bacon. He really let the film down, in my opinion. When we first meet his character, he has such a fantastic creepy-Hitler vibe going on, I instantly loved him as the villain. But, as soon as he lost the accent, and started lusting after January Jones, any credibility he had was lost. He became just ... seedy. Such a shame.
    May I also say, I thought the music choice for the credits was bloody good. Take That! Who knew?!

  2. Apparently he's been hiding in Germany. And Ireland. What's interesting was that he seemed equally confident in German, French and Spanish in the film. And he is strangely attractive. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's the evilness, I don't know.

    James McAvoy is appalling. I didn't even like him in Shameless. I actively avoid anything with him in, he just makes me want to hurt people. And I don't think he did have the balance of intelligence and cockiness right, he just came across as a smug git. And he can't have been all that intelligent, because he believed humans and mutants could all get along together. Magneto is the intelligent one.

    Yeah, and what was the point of January Jones? She just seemed to be walking around wearing skimpy outfits. Same with Raven, actually. Hardly a big boost for feminism. I know it was set in the sixties, but still.

    Um, everyone who has seen the video for the song. It has clips of the film in it, it's the official theme (is theme the right word?) like "Rule the World" was for "Stardust." Also, it was not good, embarrassing dancing occurred. And I wasn't doing it.

  3. Wrong about McAvoy. The idea has to be that he's got the intelligence/cockiness wrong - he's a youthful version of the man we know, respect and love. Only problem with McAvoy is that he's clearly NEVER studied Pat Stewart's version of the character - idiot. Right about the film, it's sublime. It's a geek-film (I am a geek - I am not being rude) so skimpy-outfits on women... naturally. Fassbender is alright - not that great though - and I'm very surprised you think so highly of him. Right about Bacon: he is atrocious in this film, I was appalled too (I don't like him anyway... but in this, he really cocked it up). And as for your dismissal of Firth... how dare you. How. Dare. You.