Monday, 4 July 2011

Make me a cuppa ...??

Today I would like to shamelessly plug my friend Sara's blog. She's also studying Creative Writing at the University of Winchester, but she's combining it with something else (I don't know what, I'm a bad friend.) She started her blog for the same reason I did, and has decided to carry on with it. It's very interesting, although her obsessions with drinking tea and Emma Thompson are a bit weird. But I guess weird is good.

You can find her blog here:


  1. Thank you so much for the flattering photo :) I'd like to point out that the facial fuzz is not mine ... American Lit is my other subject - although of late it's been a tiny bit rubbish ... Who cares about Isabella Bird and Nathanial Hawthorne?? NOBODY. Finally, there is no shame in an obsession with Emma Thompson; the woman is a genius. I want to be her.

  2. Hey, it was the best photo I had of you! And, in fact, was the only photo I had of you on your own. You can send me a picture that you would prefer, but I quite like this one.

    Oh, American Lit. I thought it was something like that. I knew there were books involved, so I think I deserve brownie points for knowing that much.

    ISABELLA BIRD is EVIL. Are you reading "A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" or whatever it was actually called? I read it as part of my nature in writing class in America last year (don't ask, I didn't know it was about nature when I signed up).

    I didn't say it was bad to be obsessed with Emma Thompson, just that your obsession...well, it pushes the bounds a little. Just a little. I got really confused the other day when I read something that said she was married to Christopher Nolan, and then I realise I can't read and he's married to Emma Thomas, not Emma Thompson.

  3. YES! That SODDING Rocky Mountains book is DIRE. We had to choose our own American travel lit to do a book report on, and my lecturer was all "Of course, Isabella Bird would be a great one to choose, since we've already studied her in great depth."
    SOD. THAT.
    I chose Stephen Fry in America, and although he's not technically American, I did get 67% for that assignment. Win.
    I think a bonfire of all the terrible books we own is in order. We can toast marshmallows, and that's always nice.

  4. Set a date for the bonfire for next April. Unless you have exams. We can do it right before we go to New York.

  5. Plan :) This makes me happy.